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Cloud Calling Solutions
for zero lead leakage
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A Telecalling management system or Cloud Calling Solutions system is a CRM software designed for monitoring, distributing and handling outbound marketing and sales calls. Efficient lead follow up is essential for a successful real estate business.

RSoft CRM stores customer data on secure cloud platform, redistributing the leads for follow ups to the telecallers. The lead distribution is a fully automated process, operated through pre-defined parameters. The software has built in and custom coded features that enable easy lead nurturing and conversions.

cloud ivr solutions

Boost lead follow ups with Rsoft CRM

Cloud Telephony Services

Automated Lead distribution

Robotic distribution of leads to telecallers from pre set parameters

Cloud Telephony Services

Call transfer and Conference calls

Call transfer and conference call features for efficient call handling

telecaller management

Call notifications and reminders

Missed call notifications, reminders for follow ups for zero lead leakage

Proven features that make RSoft CRM Telesales Management an essential of Real Estate

Experience a Telesales Management System so holistic, that it knows who to assign which lead. Enable better conversions and staff performance with intelligent lead categorisation and follow up distribution

cloud ivr solutions
Virtual inbound number

Know where each lead is coming from, through different virtual inbound numbers allocated to different lead sources. You can trace each lead back to the specific campaign, and media it was implemented on.

With this valuable insight, identify your high performing campaign methods that produce tangible ROI. Focus on strategies that actually work to your benefit. Call tracking using virtual numbers also makes sure that no lead is lost, as the data is always at hand.

Call Recording

Complete data harvesting, including call recordings. The recorded calls are useful for both telesales personnel to review their client conversation, as well as management to know how calls are being handled by each agent.

Call recordings instinctively improve sales performance. It eliminates human error in data handling as details can always be reviewed in posterity. Call recordings also serve as a verbal contract between your business and client, in case of legal disputes.

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Enhanced telesales support

To match the need of the hour, RSoft CRM, enables remote working features. The sales agent or telecaller is equipped with all calling features on their login or through the mobile app. The management has access to all the stored data.

The system also offers pre recorded, customisable welcome message, call hold music, thank you message, call transfer, and conference calls. Much attention has gone into the little details that will make your customer’s first contact with your business thoroughly pleasant.

cloud ivr solutions
Call Report and Analytics

Capture team productivity and performance with exhaustive customisable reports. Track how many calls each agent handled, along with call durations, lead status updates post calls, consistency of follow ups and more.

Call reports and analytics highlights top performers of the team. It also shows areas of improvement and whether the script works or not. Call reports help revaluate the marketing strategies implemented at the presale phase of the campaign.

automatic call recorder
Real time Live Dashboard

Apart from reports RSoft CRM gives you real time insights into your telesales team performance. The call monitoring dashboard gives you access to real time progress of the call, call records, lead status updates, and other relevant features.

Set team targets and compare them to actual achievements within set timelines. Hone in on issues with call data, tracing productivity and performance concerns. Stay on top of daily operations with real time monitoring and reports.

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