Nurture your customer relationship in the post sale phase with RSoft CRM

RSoft CRM for nurturing
Customer Relationship post sales

Your customer journey does not end right after converting a lead to a customer. In the real industry the post sales period interaction is crucial to maintaining a good reputation with customers. This is where your referral market stems from.

Digital document storage, customer issue ticketing system, collections management are but some of the features in this robust post sales management system. RSoft CRM offers a two way portal that can be accessed by both customers and sales staff for better communication.


Digital Booking process and
dedicated customer portal

RSoft CRM brings your booking process to a digital, secure platform. The associated documents are stored digitally on a secure cloud or on the client’s local server. Customers are provided with a mobile app that lets them ticket their concerns and issues.

The ticketing system alerts the relevant staff, so issues are handled promptly. The software also hosts a unique referral system, where the customer themselves can refer friends and family, and track the status of the referrals. The referral code generated can be used to gain rewards as set by the developer. The software provides a mediating platform for the real estate developer and their clients, forging a strong and lasting relationship.

Post Sales management
at the click of a button

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    Demand Letters

    Generate and send fully digital Demand Letters from standard or custom templates on RSoft CRM. Schedule the payments on the bookings and sale console for a fully automated experience. Read More

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    Document creation and management

    No more desks cluttered with piles of papers with RSoft CRM. Save time with digital document creation and management features. This real estate CRM software lets you store, track, retrieve, manage, and print documents at the click of a button. Read More

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    Payments and receipt

    Payment tracking is a crucial component of real estate sales that offers no room for error. Take this step to an automated digital platform where all payment details are recorded. Read More

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    Record customer complaints

    Manage customer complaints through a comprehensive ticketing system. The customer has an exclusive portal to the RSoft CRM. Calls can go unpicked, or complaints can go unattended, but raising a ticket keeps a valid record of the issue. Read More

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    Incentive calculation

    RSoft CRM captures all the details of the customer, the sale status, payment status, and agent performance on a single platform. The data helps you gauge employee performance over the entire customer journey. Read More

Why Your Business Need Cloud Call Center Solution


Automated Lead distribution

Robotic distribution of leads to telecallers from pre set parameters


Call transfer and Conference calls

Call transfer and conference call features for efficient call handling


Call notifications and reminders

Missed call notifications, reminders for follow ups for zero lead leakage

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