Push conversions by processing potential leads for site visits

Manage multi project site visits on one real estate software

Site visit Management refers to the organisation of site visits, assigning the leads to different sales agents, and following up on the process of the site visit. This involves complex scheduling skills, especially for real estate developers with multiple projects and high influx of leads.

When site visit management becomes automated, the system juggles the timelines and available resources, matching them to the most relevant leads. The system’s decision making process is defined by set parameters, customisable to each client.

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Queue Management for efficient customer processing

When things get crowded on site, quickly assign customers to sales agents after checking them on the platform. Sales Agents get the customers' details on their device.

Reduce customer wait time by assigning different areas to move to with self check in counters. Reduced wait time translates into a good site visit experience.

The system prioritises the prospects based on the details like budget, income, etc allowing your sales agents to focus on high quality leads in an agile work system.

Integrate support from on site
personnel through the app

You can rely on technical support from on site personnel from RSoft at all your major events. The support staff helps your personnel process the analytics better, and help customers and employees alike use the application better.

The kind of instant support from our technical staff, helps you conduct launches and other events seamlessly, both for your sales staff and for customers. They guide you to the most viable leads through on site analytics for priority follow ups.

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Track customer movement during site visit

You can now record the customer movement during the site visit on the RSoft CRM platform. The customer can be directed to sign in digitally on the application indicating the time of entry into the site. The time they check out of the site can also be recorded on the platform.

This gives an exact impression of the time each customer spent at your site. This also helps you concur with the productivity reports made by the sales agents regarding client meetings. The data can be used to improve efficiency in site visit management.

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Treat your customers to an experience beyond expectations

Create the best first impression for the customers visiting your site, with a completely automated scheduler and site visit management software. The system is equipped to retrieve customer details at the click of a button, enabling fluent communication between the sales agent and the customers. The site visit can be logged with all details on the platform for further insights into the customer.

The platform can be integrated on a handheld device for better mobility, as the data entry can proceed in concurrence with the site visit. This is crucial for not missing out important customer information and lead status. The customer information can then be used to personalise subsequent visits.

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One Click Customer processing at site

A site visit entails multiple functions that is usually handled by a lengthy manual process. Automate the process, making even your conversions, a matter of a few clicks with RSoft Real Estate CRM.

Customer feedback through preferred communication channels

Learn more about yourself from valuable customer feedback logged directly into the application. The customer insights can help you reevaluate your customer processing operations. This data repository is useful in pushing conversions as it helps you process each customer’s needs uniquely.

Reach them on their phones, with the no excuses guaranteed SMS

Create a proper mail Trial for official customer communication


Use the most popular communication platform to your advantage

Compare site visit count
and sales agent activity reports

All site activity related to customers is recorded in the RSoft CRM. The sales agents record their movement and activity separately on their own login portal. The two points of data can be overlapped to match the activities.

The site visit count can be compared with the activity roster of the sales agents to determine their actual work done. This helps in employee audits for appraisals and regular performance evaluation.

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