RealtorRobot's Lead management software Enable your Sales and CRM team to make lead management a positive customer experience in itself.

The Real Estate Lead Management
Software that works

The RSoft CRM has undergone multiple trial runs and has over 10 years of background research supporting it. It has been subjected to agile testing and improvements to give our customers a fully measureable lead management software that actually works.

Our Product is completely customisable, that can be flexibly adapted to the unique needs of your business. We provide continuous support so you can provide uninterrupted CRM to your customers. Our lead management solutions seamlessly manage and monitor your leads for Zero Lead leakage. All this in a completely automated, user friendly platform.

lead management
lead management solution

Lead Capture

Capture leads from hundreds of popular lead generation apps, directly into RSoft CRM.

RSoft CRM enables integration with hundreds of popular sites and apps that provide lead generation for the real estate industry. All your leads are managed at the touch of a button, on a single platform. The highlight is in the little details that RSoft CRM offers, in the way of features like QR scanning, call record, hold music, customisable recorded welcome message, etc.

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crm lead management system
crm lead management system
lead management software
lead management solution
lead management software
lead management software
lead management
lead management
lead management process

Automated lead distribution to Sales Agents

Automated lead distribution to your sales agents, based on customisable parameters set by you.

Distribute the leads 24 x 7, automatically, via communication channel options like Email, SMS, Mobile app alerts etc.

  • Set and change your parameters at any point of time
  • Distribute leads based on Source
  • Distribute leads based on product enquiry
  • Distribute leads based on project enquiry
  • Distribute leads based on location enquiry
  • Distribute leads based on client timeline

Prioritise leads on
lead qualification assessment

Turn your manual lead qualification process into an automated assessment with parameters set by you on RSoft CRM. Prioritise and categorise your leads from A prospects to unqualified leads. This prioritisation lets you distribute and handle the lead accordingly.

Lead prioritisation is key to effective lead management, letting you process the most viable leads through your sales funnel. Go for efficient resource allocation with RSoft CRM, considerably reducing the conversion timeline.

Track and monitor multiple
leads on a single screen

With Rsoft CRM, you can track your leads and monitor their status in real time. The sales agents update the status of the lead at each stage on the real estate lead tracking software. Leads showing good potential can be easily identified and appropriate resources can be allocated for follow ups.

The lead status tracking simultaneously gives you valuable insight into the sales performance. It reduces the need for downloading and analysing complicated reports when all the data is presented on a customised screen for your convenience.

lead management process

Real time Lead
tracking and analytics

Make smarter business decisions, based on real time analytics of your leads, that you can access anytime, from anywhere.


Detailed Analytics & Reports

Efficient reports and analytics data that allows managers to gauge performance of the sales team with leads assigned to them.


Track your field agents:

View field agent movement using check in and check out of customer locations, uploaded ticket data, task status etc.

lead tracking system

Lead Status real
time notification

Get real time updates of lead, sales agent, and inventory status. Multiple agents can access and manage data on the RSoft CRM simultaneously. To keep updates visible to everyone, set up real time notifications options for your dashboard, and mobile app.

The alerts can also be customised to reach you via SMS or Email to keep you on top of the CRM operations at your firm.

What using RSoft CRM Real estate lead management
system does for you

Reduced lead leakage with comprehensive lead capturing, organising, and data driven distribution.

lead management software

Automated Scheduled drip campaigns for follow ups

lead management software

Alert Sales Staff to follow through and report to managers

lead management software

Check employee performance through lead status reports

lead management software

Target Vs Day wise Cumulative Actuals comparative reports

lead management software

Improved staff efficiency and top performer charts for audits

lead management software

Customisable reports generated as per conveniently set timelines

Business Intelligence on ROI

Invest in customer experience; Get returns in customer conversions

Make visibly enhanced returns on your investment with RSoft CRM Lead Management System. Make the most out of the most affordable real estate CRM software, on the international market.


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